Wedding SelfieHello, friends!

I’m Shannon and this here is my blog of beautyful things {see what I did there?!}. Yes, I am aware of the misspelling- it did take a few deep breaths {hmmm} and some self-talk {It’s ok. Just use it. People will understand that it’s a play on words and not illiteracy.} to get over it. I could also tell you the story of me almost naming this blog after a drag queen {ack!}, but I’ll save that for another day.

Anyways, I am really into all things beauty {both skincare and makeup} but I also love to cook and craft. So most posts will be regarding such topics. However, I am also a self-proclaimed professional Pinterester/Instagrammer/Blog Reader/and overall internet junkie, which means that this blog might end up being about everything above, or then again, none of it. Hey, it’s my blog!

I finished my master’s degree and got married in May 2013 {I’m stupid crazy like that}. Since then, my husband and I took a 6-week road trip around the country and are in an in-between stage of life {which is a huge blessing} as he finishes school as well.

Email me at abeautyfulhome@gmail.com or connect here.  Connect with me at Pinterest. Instagram.

*{DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by me. I do not receive any free products. I am not compensated for any reviews; all opinions are my own.}


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