diy coconut oil body butter

I have just started using coconut oil in cooking. I know, I know. I’m pretty late to the game. My sister gave me a huge tub of it and I have barely put a dent in it. I have also been reading about the many, many uses and benefits of coconut oil. If you peruse Pinterest you will find 100s of uses of coconut oil. I decided that, in addition to its benefits in the kitchen, it would also make a great beauty product. It’s a wonderful moisturizer, makeup remover, and hair conditioner. But to amp up the effect I decided to whip the oil into a body butter.

Coconut 1

Using my stand mixer I dumped about a cup of the solidified oil {not melted} in and beat it on medium until it became thick and fluffy, about 10 minutes. Whipping air into the oil makes it lighter and a crisper white color. I transferred the body butter into a small mason jar and store it at room temperature on my bathroom counter.

Coconut 2

I love multitasking products!


i love you because…


Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, this is a quick and easy way to tell your person why you love him/her. Your person can be anyone: your significant other, sister, friend, mom. Anyone!

I love you because...2

And you don’t need a cutesy frame either. Your words are well received per any mode.

I love you because...2

But if you are interested in this as a craft here’s what I did: I had this frame in my house, and printed the “I love you because…” right off of a Word document {using Amatic Bold and Doris Day font}. After framing the print I used a dry erase marker to write directly on the frame’s glass these notes to my husband.

I love you because... 1

His written response? I love you because… “you buy me donuts”. Swoon.

gold planter succulent garden

My sister and I became inspired by Young House Love’s succulent garden and planted a few gardens to give as Christmas gifts. And in the giving spirit, we gifted ourselves one too. So generous we are. Like John and Sherry, we planted them in a shallow bowl and hoped for the best. However, I think I was a little overzealous with watering and a few of my plants died. Womp. So in an effort to revamp my garden, I replanted my succulents in smaller glass vases, which I painted with my favorite gold leaf paint.


I started with plain glass vases that I picked up from the dollar store. And free-handed a dipped look on 2 of the vases while painting the entire 3rd vase.


Once painted and dried completely, I added about a half inch of those small pebbles to the bottom to help irrigation {and avoid root rot} since the bottoms are solid. I then added soil {specific for succulents and cacti; a soil and sand mix} and transferred the succulents. Make sure to take care in handling the cacti: use a garden glove or a dishcloth over your hand because those needles hurt. bad. 


Top off each plant with more soil and add another layer of pebbles just because they’re so tiny and cute. Water once every 2-3 weeks and place in indirect sunlight.


map art

For this past Christmas I immediately knew what I wanted to gift my husband. We had just returned from a 6-week cross-country road trip and, after some earlier shared travels in 2013, I knew a travel map would be a perfect 1st Christmas gift.


I tossed around some ideas, like this, but settled on something similar to this to showcase all of our past and future travels. I found a vintage 1944 USA road map on Etsy {9×12.5} and a gold frame from Ikea {11 3/4 x 15 3/4}. After removing the glass, I then cut down a black foam board to fit the frame and used gold thumbtacks to attach the map. Finally, I used blue map pins purchased from Amazon a few years back. I also painted our home pin with gold nail polish.


For being married to someone who “hates traveling” {his words, not mine!}, we’ve done pretty well for ourselves. I can’t wait to keep adding shared adventures to our map- and abroad!


canvas art

Blank canvases have been sitting in my closet for months. So many months I’m embarrassed to say. I knew all along what I wanted to do with them but just never got started. But finally I convinced my sister to take on the craft with just 3 simple supplies: canvas {ours were each 16 x 20}, a fine tip pint brush {nothing fancy here}, and some gold paint {I used one from my collection, picked up from Michaels a while back: Liquid Leaf in Classic Gold}.

It Is Well_Canvas_edited

We first perused Pinterest for some font inspiration. We were just going to freehand the words with pencil before painting, so the font needed to be relatively simple.

Canvas Art_2

My words originate from my favorite hymn. My sister chose “Home Sweet Home”.

It Is Well_Canvas_edited

We also painted the outer edges of the canvas for added dimension.

It Is Well_Canvas_edited

The whole project took us about an hour and a half, including drying time since we were using very thin layers of paint.

It Is Well_Canvas_edited

Our canvases are now hanging beautifully on our walls!