quick guide: makeup for glasses wearers

I have had contacts/glasses for years now, and usually fluctuate between the two depending in my level of laziness and makeup being worn. I recently got a new pair of glasses that I’m loving {subtle cateye frames-love!}, so I have almost exclusively worn them for a few months. In doing so I have had to figure out the best makeup looks to flatter and complement my frames. Here’s a quick guide with makeup tips for glasses wearers:

1. Don’t skip the mascara! It will add definition to your eyes. Just be patient, let it dry. Otherwise your frames will look scary. Oh, and everyone should be curling their lashes. It instantly opens up your eyes.

2. Save the bright colors for your lips. Bright eyeshadow looks are quickly lost behind the frames.

3. Also, save smokey shadow looks for when you wear your contacts. The frames can naturally cast shadows behind them, so dark looks may look way too vampy.

4. Wearing glasses may hold you back from glammed up eyeshadow looks, but it is such a great opportunity to let your complexion be the star. Even out your skin with foundation and add a rosy cheek with your favorite blush.

5. Define your brows. Brows frame the entire face, and even more so for glasses wearers since the glasses, which are attracting attention, sit right below the brows.

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friday favorites


A weekly roundup! Happy Friday!

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