friday favorites

A round-up of my favorite internet links from the week! Happy Friday!

1. Divergent is in theaters! I can’t wait to see it this weekend!

2. I love this kid’s reaction to finding out he’s going to be a big brother.

3. I’m obsessed with keeping up with the Malaysian airliner disappearance. Anyone else?

4. Taco Bell is starting to serve breakfast next week. I know, I know: I’m so refined.

5. Cookie butter marshmallow swirl ice cream. Yes.

6. Creative uses of washi tape.

7. One of my favorite makeup bloggers, Kandee Johnson, did a hilarious series based on the muppets. So so funny.

8. This shirt.

9. 77 completely true facts that sound like lies.

10. These brave ladies let their boyfriends do their makeup.


friday favorites

It’s finally Friday! Sorry about the hiatus yesterday- now I’m back with a roundup of my favorite internet links of the week.

1. This toddler negotiates his mom for a cupcake. “Listen, listen, listen, Linda.” So hilarious.

2. How to master a blow out. I’m so bad at it.

3. How to dice an onion.; which reminds me, my sister and I are taking a cooking class starting in April and I’m. so. excited!

4. Tips for getting longer lashes.

5. 10 best Elf products. So affordable without sacrificing quality!

6. Sweet potato mac and cheese. Yum.

7. A comedic interview between Zach Galifianakis and Obama.

8. 29 life-changing quesadillas.

9. How to put together a skincare routine.

10. 17 annoying clothing problems us ladies have to deal with.

friday favorites

It’s Friday! Happy weekend!

1. I finished/caught up on the whole Parenthood series. So so good!

2. This sweet, sweet 3-year-old. Her heart is so pure.

3. Check out my friend Juli’s blog!

4. My husband and I waited in line for 4 hours to see New Found Glory in a surprise concert last night. I don’t even like NFG.

5. Pistachio butter, guys. As if I need more butter this week.

6. My favorite local donut shop has cronuts on the weekends. I. can’t. wait.

7. The best moments from the Oscars.

8. I have always wanted to know what the difference between egg sizes in the grocery store.

9. Makeup secrets you haven’t heard before.

10. Love me some bad good puns.

friday favorites



1. Watch a bunch of guys try to guess how much bras cost. LOLOLOL!

2. Is your perfect lipstick shade discontinued? Go to Bite Beauty Lip Lab in NYC to recreate it!

3. This chili garlic stir fry with coconut jasmine rice looks so perfectly delicious. She gets me.

4. My sister had a cronut at Disney last week. Jealous is an understatement.

5. How to be the worst person at Starbucks. #3!

6. My mom’s birthday is coming up and she’s requested a kahlua cake. My older sister’s birthday is also coming up {the same day as my mom’s} and I don’t have any requests from her. Jamie?

7. Watching House of Cards has made my husband have a constant, insatiable craving for ribs.

8. I need these dishes that clean themselves.

9. 10 ways to use spice mixes. So flavorful.

10. How to make a camera strap from a scarf. Pretty!

friday favorites


A weekly roundup! Happy Friday!

1. I’m not a Redditer but I may become one to follow these threads. {Above photo}

2. There can never be too many skincare steps, right? “In Korea it’s not unusual for a woman to use 14 to 17 products throughout the day.”

3. Caramelized white chocolate? Say WUT?

4. Toasted marshmallow and salted caramel cookie bars. Yes, please.

5. 15 questions Disney forgot to answer in “Frozen”. Number 3!

6. I just cut 11 inches of hair off for Locks of Love. And it’s still below my shoulders. I know, cra-zy.

7. I need some craft/DIY inspiration. Help? Pin me!

8. Are you watching the Olympics? I bet these are the things you’re actually thinking during figure skating. Number 20, omg yes!

9. 39 test answers that are totally genius.  So so funny!

10. How to boil an egg. So simple yet so complex.

friday favorites


1. Such a simple, beautiful valentine cake.

2. Valentine’s Day playlists on Spotify.

3. BOGO lattes at Starbucks today from 2pm-6pm! You’re welcome.

4. “House of Cards” season 2 premieres on Netflix today! Again, you’re welcome.

5. Spend time, not money this Valentine’s Day.

6. If you’re going with a dark lip tonight, this will help keep the lipstick from feathering.

8. I love this lips artwork {source unknown}.

9. The perfect way to gift “flowers” to your man.

10. I certainly hope Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t encourage this again. So horrible.

friday favorites

This week’s internet favorites:

New Oreo Flavors

1. We found them! And they’re soooo good!

2. BuzzFeed has done a great service for us non-football watchers: The Only Super Bowl Commercials Worth Watching.

3. The science behind the best chocolate chip cookies. Such good info!

4. I’m so this person, a product of the internet generation. Just text me.

5. 7 foundation mistakes we all make. Guilty.

6. Why you shouldn’t take a pan off the stove until it’s clean. Deglazing is delicious!

7. Watching Parenthood on Netflix has been holding me over until all my shows come back {February 27. February 27. February 27}.

8. Gosh, I love BuzzFeed. 10 Pictures That Prove Bruno Mars is Actually Powerline from “A Goofy Movie”.

9. My favorite food blogger made these and I want them. now.

10. Though I think Valentine’s Day is the worse holiday of the whole year, I do believe in chocolate.

Tell me! Tell me!  What are your favorites of the week?