march ipsy

finally got my first ipsy glam bag last week after being on the waitlist for almost 3 months! Ipsy is a beauty subscription service that is $10/month. You receive 4-5 deluxe samples or full-size beauty products in a cute reusable cosmetic pouch each month. Bags are customized to your preferences based on a quiz you take, with products ranging from makeup to skincare. I have had other beauty subscriptions in the past, such as Birchbox and GlossyBox, so I decided to give ipsy a shot. Subscription boxes/bags are such an affordable way to try out new products!

Here’s what came this month:

MarchGlamBagOf the 4 products, 3 are full-size {the lipstick is a sample}.

From left to right:
Be a Bombshell Bora Bora Eyeshadow Quad– gorgeous, highly pigmented colors!
bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready– I’m not a huge fan of lipsticks but this one does seem moisturizing and is a pretty color.
Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer– I was pretty hesitant at first because the color of the primer is really bronzy {and I am not} but it sheers out nicely and leaves a glowy finish.
Nicole by OPI in Roughles- I’m not a fan of getting nail polishes in my subscriptions because I’m just not into collecting all the colors. And I’m super disappointed in this one. The color is a sky blue/turquoise mint with a rough, pebble-like matte finish. I do not like weird nail finishes and usually stay in the pink and purple undertone range. So I’ll probably give this one to my mom- she doesn’t discriminate.

So there you have it! My first glam bag! I look forward to the bag each month and will do an “unbagging” with you.


maskcara IIID hac pack

This post has been a long one in waiting. One of my favorite beauty bloggers Maskcara came out with her own makeup line over the holidays and I have spent the last few weeks testing out the product and formulating my opinions.

Maskcara 1

My husband gifted me the complete pack, which includes HAC foundation, a blush, and an illuminizer. Maskcara has an awesome, unique concept, which is the namesake for the line: IIID Foundation. The idea is that when we apply traditional, one-toned foundation to our face we lose all the natural dimension and contouring, which we then have to add back in with contouring color, blush, and illuminizer. The foundation is two-toned, to provide such depth to your face naturally. Cara has some great information on her blog about her product, where to place it according to your face shape, what color to choose, and how it is best applied.


First the foundation: It’s a cream foundation that has 2 varying shades, the lighter one has yellow undertones, while the darker one is a great contour color without being too ashy. The coloring was really really scary when I first saw it but it somehow magically blends out perfectly to achieve a contoured and brightened face. Though the coloring is right, the consistency is where it fails for me. No matter how I apply it {with a brush or beautyblender} it seems to always settle in dry, rough patches. I also find that it becomes cakey even when used sparingly. I have tried numerous combinations of moisturizers, primers, application tools, and setting powders/sprays but find that the product settles on top of my skin instead of melting into my skin for a flawless finish. All of this may be because this is my first experience with cream foundation, but I just can’t seem to master the learning curve. But all is not lost as I do like using some of the contour color with a beautyblender over my regular foundation.


The HAC {highlighting and contouring} Pack is definitely redeemed with the other two products. This cream blush in shortcake is wonderful. It is highly pigmented but sheers out beautifully on the cheeks. I just dab a little bit on the back of my hand, then use a finger to apply to my cheeks.


The same can be said for the illuminizer. LOVE! I apply it the same way as the blush to the upper check bones and it provides a beautiful pearly glow. Both of these are liquid and will last forever because you only need a little bit each time.

I love supporting Cara’s small business and look forward to seeing how her product line improves!

Here are some pics for ingredient/product info:


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset




Friends, if you are not using a beautyblender in your foundation routine then what are you doing? Ok, that may be a little harsh but really, you’ve got to check it out. It has completely changed the way I apply my foundation, as I fessed up a few weeks ago. {None of these photos are actually of my beautyblender. To say it’s a little stained is quite an understatement. That’ll be addressed below.}


I never got into using brushes to apply my foundation. I’ve heard and seen great applications with brushes but I have always used some sort of sponge for application, reserving my brushes for concealer and other face makeup. So when I heard about the beautyblender I knew that I wanted to try it!

DIRECTIONS: Here’s how to use it: The beautyblender is an egg-shaped, latex-free sponge that is intended for use when damp. Completely saturate the sponge under running water; it will almost double in size. Once swollen, squeeze excess water out with your hand, then wrap a towel around the beautyblender and squeeze lightly to remove any remaining water. The sponge should be damp. Using this sponge {or any sponge for that matter} when wet will allow the product to be distributed over your face without it being sucked up by the dry sponge itself, which will decrease the amount of product being used!


Pump your foundation on the back of my clean hand, picking it up with the round side of the beautyblender. Using a bouncing motion {called stippling}, I distribute the foundation over my face, blending well with continued stippling. The pointed edge is great for getting into the harder-to-reach areas of the face {under eyes and nose}. You can also use the beautyblender for other face products {primer, powder, contour}. It provides medium coverage in a flawless, airbrush finish.

CLEANING: For cleaning I use a gentle baby shampoo or brush cleanser, pouring or spraying the product onto the stained areas of a damp beautyblender. Massage the soap into the sponge, kneading and pressing the stained areas with your fingertips to work the makeup out of the sponge. Run the beautyblender under water to start rinsing. Continue rinsing and squeezing the sponge until there are no more suds and you are satisfied with the stain removal. beautyblender does have their own cleaning product, which I have not tried, but I am happy with the cleansing products I currently have at home.


I have the classic pink beautyblender, which tends to stain, even with thorough washing. I am interested in trying out the black beautyblender in hopes of decreasing the permanent stains.

As with any foundation application, the beautyblender is not a miracle-worker for dry, patchy skin. Your foundation will settle in those rough areas and exacerbate such issues. I know, ack. To avoid this exfoliate and moisturize your skin regularly!

A few final notes: There are A LOT of dupes {duplicates} on the market, which are cheaper. However, the beautyblender has a unique texture and feel that produces a better result. Give me a shout if you think something comes close, but those others just don’t compare. The other thing is the price of the beautyblender {$19.95 at Sephora!}. I know, whoa money. But if purchased from Amazon you can get two sponges for that price! {You’re welcome!} And if cared for properly, the sponge can last 3-6 months. Happy blending!